A film by Rajesh Dattatraya Chavan


 Directed by Rajesh Dattatraya Chavan | India 2021 | 100′
Language: Marathi with Italian Subtitles
European Premiere

June 24, 2022 |  9:00 pm  | Screening Room D

The story revolves around Dhanu and Rakhma living in a labourer settlement in a small village. One day Dhanu comes across migrant workers walking back to their home towns far away due to unavailability of income source. Frustrated, he comes to a river bank, where last rites of a deceased are being performed. He asks the priest for any possibility of getting work. Priest, reluctant at first, allows him to help clean the place. Pleased with his good efforts, priest offers him a job as his assistant and starts paying him regularly.

One day the local leader known as a “Gold Man” passes away and his funeral and last rites are to be held at the regular cemetery. But due to lockdown, policemen are appointed to restrict the number of people attending all the funerals. Rakhma, on the other hand is worried constantly thinking about Dhanu’s source of income.

hanu, not wanting to miss this opportunity, reaches the cemetery to collect the ashes and find gold, but it was proved again that the destiny is cruel.


  • Multicultural FF Toronto 2021
  • Busan IFF 2021
  • Jio Mami FF 2022
  • Kolkata IFF 2022

“RAAKH” is a heartbreaking truth that we all have experienced during the pandemic.

Sreenwriter:                  Rajesh D Chavan
Producer:                         Yogesh Golatkar
Cinematography:        Ramesh Shelke
Editor:                                 Kunal Prabhu

Sandeep Pathak,
Ashwini Giri


Rajesh D ChavanFrom a cultural part of Mumbai (India), Girgaon .. with the vast experience from experimental to commercial theatre, Production of Feature Films, Ad films and documentary Films, He has gained a great exposure to the creative content for Marathi Film Industry to corporate companies. Experience with more than 30 years of production in Marathi film industry and TV serials productions, has given him the immense expertise to come up with creative concepts & produce quality & lucrative content.

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