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The town of Bisceglie lies at about fortyone kilometers from Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport. The city overlooks the Adriatic Sea and offers clear water and pristine nature making this area one of the most beautiful in Puglia. Bisceglie has obtained the Blue Flag 2021 for two beaches and also for the tourist port. The Blue Flag is an international recognition, established in 1987 European Year of the Environment, which is awarded annually in 49 countries. Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label assigned to seaside tourist resorts that comply with criteria relating to sustainable land management.

Puglia is a magical mix of art, traditions and above all nature. It is the land of sun and hospitality, located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history and enchanting landscapes make this place unique and extraordinary. Unique indelible experiences and emotions are imprinted in the memory of those who cross it.

Bisceglie belongs to the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Puglia and overlooks the Adriatic Sea with a coastline of about 7.5 km. Its territory is mainly flat but its internal part, bordering the first slopes of the Murgia

An important Greek colony before being part of the powerful Roman Empire, as evidenced by the traces of the Via Traiana that crossed it, the medieval village of Bisceglie is very well preserved and still well connected to its millennial past. Perched around its ancient port, it is guarded by the Swabian-Federician Castle, with three superb towers, and surrounded by ancient and mighty polygonal walls, erected first by the Angevins, and then by the Aragonese.

This noble town enjoys a rich architectural heritage, both inside the old city and outside the walls among which ancient noble palaces stand out, such as the Renaissance “Palazzo Tupputi”, with elegant wrought iron balconies, a place where in July of 1820 the Apulian Carbonari gathered to endorse the proclamation of the “Neapolitan or Neapolitan Republic”, headed by Antonio Tupputi, during the French Revolution.

There are several religious buildings scattered around the town, including the Church of Santa Margherita, the splendid Romanesque Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo in the heart of the old town from the Norman era, and the Abbey dedicated to Sant’Adoeno protector of Norman soldiers who, in ‘XI century, it seems we have contributed to the construction of the church, one of the oldest in Puglia.

Located in the former Santa Croce Monastery, it is possible to visit the Archaeological Civic Museum which collects numerous finds from the Neolithic, Paleolithic and Bronze Age, as well as some amphorae recovered from the seabed of the area, and a cinerary urn from the 1st century. . AD, the highlight of the collection.


Ryanair provides direct flights from London Stanstead (STN) airport to Brindisi (BDS) or Bari (BRI), Easyjet has direct flights from London Gatwick (LGW) to Bari (BRI), British Airways flies from London Gatwick (LGW) to Bari. If you are already in Italy, you can catch a flight to Brindisi (BDS) from Milan, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Bologna or a train to Lecce Train Station.

Puglia Region has four airports (Foggia, Taranto, Bari e Brindisi), but if you need to reach Bisceglie you need to choose between Bari or Brindisi.  (www.aeroportidipuglia.it), the southern part of Puglia, and it is the nearest Airport to Bari it is at about 41 km from Bisceglie, taking an 30min and fifteen minutes by car, compared to 130 miles from Bari and over two hours drive.

From Brindisi Airport, follow the signs Brindisi / Lecce and take the SS613 (dual carriageway) towards south to Lecce. When you reach the exit, take Lecce west ring road towards Gallipoli /Galatina and then take the exit “11b – Maglie”, towards Maglie / Santa Maria di Leuca. Continue to SS275 (dual carriageway). At the roundabout take the third exit, SP85, and follow the signs to Tricase.

You’ll find the best deals for car hire at: www.rentalcars.com. Pick-ups and drop-offs are available at both Bari and Brindisi airports or in the centre of Lecce.

Lecce railway station is the last stop on the national network. Ferrovia Sud Est is the network that serves Salento and you’ll find their ticket office on platform 1 at Lecce station, or consult their website at: www.fseonline.it for timetables and destinations. Their service operates from Monday to Saturday. Please contact us for any further information 0833.771821

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