A Short-Film by Aniket Trivedi and Pranjal Joshi


 Directed by Aniket Trivedi, Pranjal Joshi| India 2021 | 15′
Language: Hindi with Italian Subtitles
Regional Premiere

June 24, 2022 |  7:00 pm  | Screening Room D

The aspiration of three little homeless boys to enter the city carnival starts with collecting pennies out of their workaday struggles. Unbeknownst to their innocence, a twist awaits them, only to turn the night into a childhood adventure. Or misadventure?

Director Statement.


  • India Film Fest & Yoga | Bisceglie
  • Best of Latin America Short Film Festival | Santa Monica , California
  • The 2020 Nukhu Award | New York City
  • Flickfair | United State
  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù | Italy
  • Cinevoyage International Film Festival | Mumbai, India
  • Festival international du court-métrage Brèves d’Images | France

Three orphan boys, who somehow fight back the many obstacles of penury to survive.

Director:                           Aniket Trivedi, Pranjal Joshi
Screenplay                       Aniket Trivedi, Pranjal Joshi
Cinematography:         Aniket Trivedi
Editor:                                 Aniket Trivedi, Pranjal Joshi
Producer:                          Aniket Trivedi, Ashay Vyas, Pranjal Joshi


Aniket Trivedi is an independent filmmaker and national award-winning illustrator & designer (Freelance) from Indore, India. He also has five years of relevant experience in screenwriting, cinematography, editing, sound designing, production designing, and direction.

Pranjal Joshi was born and brought up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh; He is an electronic media graduate working as an independent and freelance filmmaker for four years. He is a director-writer and editor who has worked intensively in the above aspects of audio-visual media work. In addition, he has created several projects, from fiction to nonfiction.