A Short-Film by Sudip Chatterjee


 A Short-Film Directed by Sudip Chatterjee |  India 2021 | 10′
Language: Bengali with Italian Subtitles
European Premiere

June 24, 2022 |  7:00 pm  | Screening Room D
Short-Films Program n.2

BIRTHDAY….is a Bengali language short film telling the story of a mother and her daughter…it reflects upon the most important aspect of life…and also the dynamics of parallel coexistence of entities….

Director Statement.

I think making cinema is about one’s ability to tell a story you believe as many as you can and make them think and believe the way you do or not…but the commonality of artistic inclination, the assurance of hope and faith and the acceptance of characters around you as they are…exists with the one making cinema and the ones experiencing it…


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Save mother earth.

Director:                        Sudip Chatterjee
Screenplay                    Sudip Chatterjee
Producer:                       Sudip Chatterjee 
Aritra Sengupta          
Averi Singha Roy



Sudip Chatterjee
Sudip is a film maker from Kolkata, India, the land of the towering Oscar winning film maker..the great Satyajit Ray…..Sudip is a dreamer and a story teller..he tells stories of people and their emotions…the complexities and the tensions across relationships… he likes to capture on celluloid humans and their changing faces…the real world and the not so real one…and most importantly Sudip likes his films to have a Chekhovian end to them wherein every single person in the audience can interpret the end in his or her own way…