Tricase April 11-14, 2019 
2° Edition
The   town   of   Tricase   lies   at   about   fifty   kilometers   from   Lecce.   The   city   overlooks   the   Adriatic   Sea   and   its coast,   during   the   summer   season,   offers   clear   water   and   pristine   nature   making   this   area   one   of   the   most beautiful in Salento. Tricase    is    an    ancient    city,    and    during    the    13th    century    many    landowners    were    fighting    to    put    their    hands over   these   wonderful   sun-kissed   land.   The   last   feudal   lords   were   the   Gallone   Princes,   an   important   family   of Terra   D'Otranto,   who   found   residence   in   Tricase   and   stayed   there   for   a   very         long   time.   Well   known   is   the castle   of   the   family,   the   Princes   Gallone   Palace ,   beautiful   building   and   cultural   center   of   the   city,   home   of the Salento International Film Festival. Because   of   its   ancient   origins,   Tricase   offers   a   lot   to   those   who   want   to   visit   it.   There   is   not   just   the   sea   to entertain   tourists   from   all   over   the   world   but   history   and   culture   will      amaze   you:   we   recommend   a   visit   to the   CHIESA   MADRE   (The   main   Church)   dating   from   the   sixteenth   century,   or   the   Dominican   convent   facing the square, just to start your tour. Tricase   has   two   small   towns   into   its   council:   Depressa   and   Lucugnano;   two   beaches:   port   of   Tricase   and Marina   Serra;   three   districts:   Caprarica,   Tutino   and   St.   Euphemia.   You   can   just   walk   through   the   streets    of   these   places   to   realize   the   beauty   of   the   area. HOW TO REACH US Ryanair   provides   direct   flights   from   London   Stanstead   (STN)   airport   to   Brindisi   (BDS)   or   Bari   (BRI),   Easyjet   has   direct flights   from   London   Gatwick   (LGW)   to   Bari   (BRI),   British   Airways   flies   from   London   Gatwick   (LGW)   to   Bari.   If   you   are already   in   Italy,   you   can   catch   a   flight   to   Brindisi   (BDS)   from   Milan,   Pisa,   Rome,   Venice,   Bologna   or   a   train   to   Lecce Train Station.   AIRPORT Puglia   Region   has   four   airports   (Foggia,   Taranto,   Bari   e   Brindisi),   but   if   you   need   to   reach   Salento   you   need   to   choose between   Bari   or   Brindisi.   Brindisi   offers   aesier   access   to   Salento   ( ),   the   southern   part   of Puglia,   and   it   is   the   nearest   Airport   to   Tricase.   it   is   at   about   64   miles   from   Tricase,   taking   an   hour   and   fifteen   minutes by car, compared to 130 miles from Bari and over two hours drive. From   Brindisi   Airport,   follow   the   signs   Brindisi   /   Lecce   and   take   the   SS613   (dual   carriageway)   towards   south   to   Lecce. When   you   reach   the   exit,   take   Lecce   west   ring    road    towards    Gallipoli    /Galatina    and    then    take    the   exit   "11b   -   Maglie", towards   Maglie   /   Santa   Maria   di   Leuca.   Continue   to   SS275   (dual   carriageway).   At   the   roundabout   take   the   third   exit, SP85,    and    follow    the    signs     to     Tricase .     You’ll    find    the    best    deals    for    car    hire    at:    or . Pick-ups and drop-offs are available at both Bari and Brindisi airports or in the centre of Lecce. BY TRAIN Lecce   railway   station   is   the   last   stop   on   the   national   network.   Ferrovia   Sud   Est   is   the   network   that   serves   Salento   and you’ll    find    their    ticket    office    on    platform    1    at    Lecce    station,    or    consult    their    website    at:     for timetables   and   destinations.   Their   service   operates   from   Monday   to   Saturday.   Please   contact   us   for   any   further information 0833.771821
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